Humanistic Psychology and Narrative Therapy Through an Astrological Model

​​Appointment Fees


$140 for 1 hour, $195 for 90 minutes.


$250 Couples/Relationship for 90 minutes.


Unfortunately at this time I no longer accept insurance.


Clients seen by appointment only. I am also available over the phone or Skype for those who cannot travel to my office.


Please call or email me for further information or to set up an appointment.




Traditional Sun sign Astrology limits a person to a fixed determinate personality. Humanistic Astrology elucidates ones character by depicting astrological configurations as symbols of basic needs, psychological functions, cognitive structures, intra-psychic conflicts, and unconsciousness complexes.


By analyzing the chart from a transpersonal psychological framework a person's experience is defined as an evolving and unfolding story rather than an amalgam of their psychopathology.


As both a model of personality theory and a diagnostic tool, Humanistic Astrology reveals how the structure and dynamics of the psyche are mirrored in all external situations. You have your chart for your whole life and like a topographical map you have been learning to traverse the terrain in healthier and more satisfying ways. What journey will be written in your explorer's field notes? Share your story. Together we'll explore the life you were meant to lead in a compassionate and non-judgmental partnership.




Jan has been a professional psychological astrologer for almost four decades. She approaches her sessions with sensitivity and humor reminding people that "What is Coming at Them is Really Coming from Them". People are best understood as an unfolding story rather than an accumulation of their problems. As a life- long student of Taoism she combines her Western psychological models with an Eastern sensibility. Character is Fate.