Grandmother Tika Valdu Anga

Instructed by father Yakov Valdu.

She was the Seventh generation Tiger shaman of her clan.

Ulchi family system of Valdu Clan contains elements of Jurchen traditions.

Grandfather Misha Duvan

(not related to Nadia Duvan Clan)

His grandfather was a Thunder Shaman and brother a Tiger shaman.

His family system contains elements of Ulchi, Yakut, and Negidal traditions. Taught the Olchi clan system by Altaka Olchi.

Grandmother Indyeka Djaksul

Djaksul Clan tradition combining Goldi and Ulchi elements.

Grandmother Nadia Duvan

Instructed by Grandmother Tika, Grandfather Misha, Grandmother Indyeka, and Grandmother Altaka

Combination of Ulchi, Ainu, Jurchen, and Manchu within Duvan family system.

Both sides of family had practicing shamans.

 Grandmother Altaka Olchi

Dumbin Duvan

Indyeka Djaksul

Tika Valdu Anga

Misha Duvan

The teachings of the Ulchi are an orally transmitted set of rules and instructions that can historically trace their roots back to the Neolithic/Late Pleistocene Epoch in the Amur River region of Eastern Siberia and the Prehistoric Maritime cultures of the Okhotsk Sea.

The Importance of Lineage

  • Establishes the authenticity and authority of the teaching which traces the ancient practice to a living culture.
  • Preservation of teachings and techniques so that alterations do not jeopardize the results.
  • Having an unambiguous structure allows students to progress more quickly without confusion, rigid confinement, or discouragement.
  • Lineage is created over hundreds of generations by people who share the same language within a specific cultural context.
  • Even if a teacher does have authority to teach a tradition it is still important to question their personal history, their previous experiences and any other credentials.

Lineage of Teachings