Upcoming Schedule of Ethnographic Films, Classes, and Workshops






​​​​​​​​​The Shamanic Council meets at East West Bookshop, Seattle, Washington on the Second Sunday of the month.


The Shamanic Council is an ongoing experiential drumming-singing-and trance dancing group that meets monthly to explore and practice the foundations of Eastern Classical Siberian Shamanism. Traditional drumming techniques are explored as well as exploring the nature of consciousness from an animistic perspective.


Although the Council has been meeting for years, we are always open and happy to have new members join at any time. The only requirement is that you bring a Native, Siberian, or Celtic style of round drum so that you can fully participate in the program. No congas or doumbeks please.


August — December: The Bear Dance


We will be working on all of the elements of the Bear Dance:


  • The Bear Walking
  • The Bear Listening
  • The Bear Eating
  • The Bear Dancing
  • The Bear Resting
  • The Dog Barking


In each class we will explore the drum rhythms, dance steps, and vocalizations of the various sections. Please be prepared to work on movement, and please wear loose fitting clothes for dancing. All sections of the various elements of the Bear Dance will be provided to you on an MP3 for practice between sessions.



 Follow these links for more information including location and time:


July 9, 2017     -     August 13, 2017     -     September 10, 2017

The Ethnographic Film Nights are designed for current students and invited guests. The foundational practice from various indigenous Asian cultures will be explored. Although most of our films will focus on Siberian groups, we will also present current practices from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cultures.

Prior to the showing, there will be a brief opening introduction about the film followed by a short round table discussion by the audience members at the conclusion of the presentation. By contrast and comparison, we will examine the nuances, similarities, and differences to the Manchu-Tungus traditions in Eastern Siberia. Program begins promptly at 6:00 p.m.

These viewings are held in a private theater.  Please contact us at info@2pathfindercounseling.com or telephone 206-526-2959 for directions and further information.  Suggested donation: $5, however no one will be turned away.

Ebey's Beach Walk and Hogdu Encampment


Sunday July 30     All Day       Class Fee $40


Traveling down the beach (about a 2 ½ mile trek) we will hike past the marsh ponds and learn how to construct an ocean hogdu. These driftwood encampments were made by Ocean hunting Ulchi peoples before traveling out for a Seal Hunt. Although we won't be staying overnight we'll use the encampment as our outdoor classroom to discuss the specific spirits of the ocean and land that inhabit this location.


RSVP no later than July 15th.  Let us know if you can share your car. We ask that those who will be ride sharing contribute to gas and ferry fees. We will leave on the ferry between 7-8am.


Autumn Water Festival


Sunday September 17th     8-10am      Class Fee $10


The Spring Water Ritual heralds in the first return of the salmon after the long winter. The Autumn ritual is about preparing for the time of harvesting and the return of the winter hunting season. Although the actual details of the ritual remain the same the time for inner reflection changes as our thoughts turn toward gathering of local resources as nature begins to prepare for her long sleep of winter. Special instructions and location will be provided at time of class confirmation.


RSVP no later than September 1st